Comet Skateboards

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to work for Comet Skateboards, a small eco-focused B corporation based in Ithaca, NY. Adam Westfall, a team rider for Comet, and a fellow industrial designer accompanied me. Due to the size of the company, we were given nearly boundless parameters of what we could work on. We were able to dip our toes in to nearly every aspect of the company. From concept development to production, as well as various side projects, the sky was the limit during our time with Comet.

2017 Shred Line

With support from Kaya Donaj-Keys, the Creative Director and Jason Salfi, the CEO, Adam and I were given charge of developing the new 2017 Comet Skateboard line from the ground up. We developed and tested decks, refined the shapes, and designed the graphics, leading to a manufacture ready line of boards. We designed the graphics with brand continuity heavily in mind. Comet has a very distinct board graphic aesthetic, which we didn't want to lose. Under an overlying 'power crystal' theme the graphics all incorporate the natural wood grain, a simple 'hand drawn' feel, and strong bold coloration.


Board Tag

One side project was a board tag to be connected to boards when sold. Something that makes Comet stand out as a company is its concern with the environment. Comet regularly goes out of its way to make its boards in a environmentally friendly way. In an industry saturated by cheaply made, mass produced products that disregard environemtal effect, we wanted to bring more focus to this unique side of Comet's mission statement.

Board Rack

During our time at Comet, we began work on a board rack for placement in stores that would be cheap to produce, while having a craftful feel. We were looking for a natural look that would accent Comet's environmentally aware mission. Though we didn't see the project's completion, the board rack would hold 3 boards of any size, presenting the graphics on the boards clearly.