Bold Clock

This project was all about representing a word. Simply take a clock, and design it to be as bold as possible.



To embody boldness, the clock is first and foremost circular in shape, with a hollow center. The cylindrical shape allows the clock to maintain its own presence completely separate from the table, with only the slightest of area touching the ground's surface. The hollow center creates striking negative space, while maintaining a congruent whole and guiding the eye from the center of the clock outward. The clock's general form and angle maintains this sense of yearning for movement forward, despite it's immense shape. The single red disc creates a strong visual presence and spike of color to invigorate the form while incorporating the part split into the clock's aesthetic. 

While less visually striking than the disc, the two clock hands also create a grand presence of their own. Allowing each hand to run on its own track creates personality and strong individual presence to the separate pieces without losing the unified nature of the form as a whole. The minute hand draws the eye from the core outward, ensuring no loss of center reference. The hour hand on the outside track ties in the disc to the center, while shooting the eye outward. When the two hands align, they create a daring line striking from the far rear end of the clock to the very edge of the front face.